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WBJS Virtual School Tour

We are excited to open up our school with a Matterport camera system walkthrough experience that is more enticing than traditional photography and allows you a unique insight into our school environment and facilities. As prospective parents, learners, and potential staff, you can get an insight into our school by hearing from our Headmaster (Mr. Cedric Poleman) and our Pillar Heads. Our virtual tour allows you complete control with a fully immersive 360° viewing experience of our school that will feel just like being there in person, enjoy!

The future of teaching and learning has arrived at Wynberg Boys’ Junior School through the launch of its very own STREAM laboratory.  One of the pioneers in the South African Boys’ School context to combine elements of STREAM (science, technology, robotics, engineering, arts and mathematics).

The laboratory had been developed and designed to prepare and empower learners and teachers for the 21st-century skill application. With the impact of emerging technologies on education and ultimately human development, it is significant that Wynberg Boys’ Junior School prepares future generations with the skills to innovate, think critically, process scientific information and solve complex problems.

“These days learners want to play while they work, with their hands. It’s a cool way to learn. Around the world, it’s called STEAM but we have added the R for robotics,” said Mr Oosterwyk.

Wynberg Boys’ Junior School encourages its staff to upskill, invigorate and enhance teacher education to be more relevant in the 21st century. We are intentional in living one of our schools stated values of leading through innovation. In addition to technology, soft skills are also at the heart of the STREAM lab with flexible workspaces strategically placed around the lab to cultivate collaboration and teamwork.

Cedric Poleman says “STEM careers have increased by 79% since 2000. STREAM jobs are becoming more relevant in the world. Computational thinking and particular Coding, is becoming an essential skill to be taught”.

To view the STREAM Laboratory,  please click here.