Grade R

Grade R

At Wynberg Boys’ we believe that children deserve the best possible start to their education. We strive to nurture, in a caring environment, the development of the whole child. It is our goal to realise the potential of every pupil entrusted to our care by fostering their intellectual and emotional growth as well as their physical skills. In particular, the development of self-esteem and confidence is considered a core objective.  During their time in Grade R we try to instil in our boys a love of learning and respect for the culture and religious values of others.

Grade R started with two classes at Wynberg Boys’ Junior School in 2005 and expanded to three classes in 2008.  Each class comprises 25 pupils. In addition to a qualified teacher, each class has a dedicated student teacher to assist.

All boys are required to wear a navy blue uniform, which consists of shorts in the summer and track pants in the winter. Each boy is allocated to a school house and is expected to compete in our inter-house sports days and cross country events. The strong swimmers take part in the inter-house gala and all boys are expected to have attained some skill in swimming prior to attending Wynberg Boys’ Junior School.

The Grade R day is divided between structured activities and supervised play. We have a dedicated music teacher twice a week and our boys attend computer classes as well as having iPad access in the classroom. There is also a ball skills programme, swimming lessons and a library period.

In addition to the school lessons and activities, we offer a large variety of private extra-mural options for boys who may be interested. These include: Soccer, Golf, Rugby, Curious Cubs, Judo, Karate, Playball, Cricket, Tennis and Fitkids.


Grade R Times 7:30am – 13:00pm

Contact details: 021 761 9261


Head of Grade R:

Mary – Lou Townsend email:


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