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Dear Parents and visitors

We are very proud to announce the launch of our new website for Wynberg Boys’ Junior School.

Our aim is to use this website to communicate more effectively with families and our wider community. Today many prospective parents will visit a website long before they physically set foot into a school’s buildings and the information that they obtain digitally is part of an important first impression.

Our intention is to develop this website into the primarily  way to provide information to parents, learners and the Wynberg community. Not only will we effectively communicate our vision and mission, the offerings at Wynberg Boys’ Junior School but also give visitors an insight into the personality of the school.

This website is organic and we look forward to developing it further to suit everyone’s needs. Over the next few months we will increase the content and functionality to make the website as user friendly and dynamic as possible. We look forward to watching it grow and hope that you find it useful and enjoy browsing it.

Kind regards


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