Wynberg Families

Wynberg Families has been running successfully at WBJS for some years now. A Wynberg family consists of one boy from each grade from grades 1 to 7.  These 7 boys , who form this family meet about once a month. The grade 7 boy in the family leads this family and this gives each Grade 7 boy the opportunity to develop leadership skills.
Wynberg family sessions are aimed to be fun and the boys really enjoy them. The boys discuss issues such as manners, friends, bullying, etc.  In addition to this they play games and have chat sessions, where boys can voice concerns they have or issues they may have in their lives.
The purposes of Wynberg families are as follows:
1.  To give each Grade 7 boy a chance to develop leadership.
2.  To give each boy in the school a sense of belonging at WBJS.
3.  To discuss important issues with peers, without any adult
4.  To have fun.