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Dear Parents and Learners

Thank you so much for assisting us in our recycling drive. It has been operating successfully with the boys bringing in loads of items for recycling. However, we do need to add some do’s and don’ts to what is and what is not acceptable for recycling purely for hygienic, health and safety reasons.

It is recommended that you have a look at our dry waste column as to what is permissible for recycling.

Make certain that your dry waste is not soiled with food particles as these will attract all sorts of critters to the recycling area. A great way to get the boys involved is to get them to clean out the containers before it is been sent to school.

Wet Waste

Dry Waste

Leftover lunch items, sandwiches, fruits, yogurt, cheese, chips, breads, soups, milk, contaminated paper trays or pizza boxes, used paper towels and tissues.

Sweet/chocolate wrappers, bread packets, empty soda or water bottles, any type of paper, plastic wrap or packaging, books, magazines, cardboard, paperboard, soda cans and food tins.


What you should NOT be sending are wet waste (refer to the column).

  • Any wet paper.
  • Foam containers.
  • Meat/fish packaging particularly the foam packaging. Even though it has been rinsed, the liquid or blood from the meat/fish is absorbed into the foam and this in turn allows for maggots and other insects to breed in it.
  • Soiled containers that still have foodstuff in them. For example, butter dishes, sauce bottles or milk bottles that still have traces of food or liquid in them as well as cans that have not been rinsed.
  • Broken glass or sharp metal items
    • please send glass items in a small bag where possible so that it doesn’t get broken in-between the other recycling.
    • Lids to tins should please be placed in the tins if they have been taken all the way off.

Thank you for your cooperation and let’s become the school with the most successful recycling drive!


  • Water bottles, Cooldrink bottles, Faircape milk bottles


  • White & Opaque milk bottles, Milkshake bottles, Drinking yoghurt bottles, Detergent & shampoo bottles.


  • Soft plastic (from packaging / bags – black, blue, clear)

PLASTIC – 5 (Polyprop)

  • Ice cream tubs, 1L & 175ml yoghurt tubs (NOT the 6 packs), Butter tubs, Cottage / Feta cheese tubs, Buckets, Chocolate packaging, Cheddars, Some detergents, etc.


  • no porcelain or window glass


  • Newspaper, Magazines, Old school books, Pamphlets…please pack white paper separately where possible


  • Cooldrink and Food stuffs


Monday                                                           –           Plastic

Tuesday                                                          –           Glass and Tin

Thursday                                                        –           Paper


Tuesday and Thursday will be put aside for sorting and deliveries – please assist by keeping to this schedule as much as possible!!!


Carrier Bag (Pick ‘n Pay / Checkers)          =          5 house points

Black, Blue (or other large) Refuse Bag      =          10 house points