Reduce, reuse, recycle


As part of continuing to improve our ability to serve our wider community this year, Wynberg Boys’ Junior School remain committed to reducing, reusing and recycling valuable resources and waste.  With the ultimate goal of nurturing the boys to grow up to be adults who care about their environment and are responsible and accountable for their actions, we know it is vital we became positive role models ourselves.  We are determined to provide opportunities for every boy to be taught the importance of reducing the resources they use, reusing them where they can and finally recycling them before throwing anything away.

During this year we will continue to support the Eco-brick Exchange initiative, in order to increase environmental awareness and promote the importance of reusing waste.  Every boy and family are challenged to make as many eco-bricks as they can by simply compressing non-recyclable plastic into a 2L PET bottle.  Each eco-brick is worth 5 house points and these can be handed to the class teacher.  To date we have donated approximately 200 eco-bricks to the Ecobrick Exchange in Gugu Sthebe Community Centre, who utilise them to build amazing structures such as parks, classrooms and homes.  Whilst the boys have lots of fun making the eco-bricks, the joy and satisfaction they receive from knowing they are saving their environment and supporting those less fortunate in our community is priceless.  Thanks to the Ecobrick Exchange, we have been able to show our boys that we can all make a difference - one brick at a time.

Last year, we received our recycling bins for the school grounds, as well as the classrooms.  Wynberg Boys’ Junior School now recycle paper, plastic and tin. Immediately, this increased environmental awareness as the boys began to think about the waste they were throwing away.  It has been amazing to watch the boys question, not only how much waste we throw away can be recycled, but also how much waste can actually be reused.  Every boy will receive 5 house points for one small carrier bag of recycling (Foundation Phase boys please remember to use your Ronnie bags) and 10 house points for a big bag.  Members of the Earlyact will also be nominated to become Eco Warriors, who help ensure the recycling bins are being used correctly and emptied correctly. With the support of the dedicated Ground Staff and two passionate gentleman, Father Michael Williams an ordained priest in the Anglican Catholic Church and Glenville Meyer, Wynberg boys are growing up to become environmentally friendly and responsible citizens.

Finally, as we are all aware, Cape Town is facing a water crisis.  As we believe every drop counts, please remind your boys daily how precious and invaluable water is and encourage them to be responsible when using water e.g. closing the taps when they brush their teeth and wash their bodies or hair, using hand sanitizer to wash their hands, wearing drought uniform when participating in any sport activity, using buckets to catch water when we shower, wash our hands and even outside when it rains etc.

We look forward to a safe, healthy and prosperous 2018!