Policy Matters

Policy Matters


 (Addendum to the Code of Conduct)

Wynberg Boys’ Junior School condemns bullying in all of its forms.  The following measures are to be read in conjunction with the School’s Code of Conduct, the WCED Manual on suspension and expulsion of Learners, the South African School’s Act and regulations promulgated therefrom.

The following actions are regarded as bullying:

  1. An older/physically larger learner acting against a younger/physically smaller learner


  1. Physical violence
  2. Name-calling
  3. Taking of property
  4. Pushing-in in lines etc.
  5. Any activity that may cause undue physical and or emotional distress, particularly where this continues over a period of time.
  6. Any activity of a nature that deliberately creates ongoing emotional distress in a learner.
  7. A group of learners acting against an individual in one of the above-mentioned ways.

The following action will be taken against a learner found guilty of bullying:

First offence: a De-Merit signed by the Headmaster and a Saturday Detention.

Counselling regarding the undesirability of bullying.

Second or subsequent offence:     Governing Body hearing and punishment decided upon

at the hearing.


Repeat offenders will, in addition to being dealt with as detailed above, be referred to the Wynberg Boys’ Junior School Teacher Support Team for evaluation and for the teams’ recommendation of counselling action, which may be applied in conjunction with any disciplinary action.