WBJS has a vibrant and busy music department with over a third of the boys taking either instrumental lessons, singing in the choir or both. Two full-time and four-part time teachers provide tuition on a range of instruments: Piano, Violin, Cello, Recorder, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, Bassoon, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Guitar and Drums,Tuned percussion and voice. Every week boys are involved with rehearsals for fore various ensembles and choirs. Most of our boys continue with their musical training into high school with great success!

Music in the Foundation Phase allows boys to begin on the Piano, Recorder, Fife, Violin or Guitar and Ukulele giving them the opportunity to experience learning a musical instrument. Lessons are given in groups of three to five (except for Piano lessons).

Once boys are in Grade 4, they are given the chance to try out for one of the orchestral instruments and after a few terms, and enough progress, they will have the opportunity of joining the String Ensemble, Concert Band and/or Jazz Band.

Junior Choir:

Our Junior Choir consists of over 70 boys from Grades 2 and 3. They are invited to join the choir, but many ask if they may join the choir as they are used to singing during class music as part of the Foundation Phase programme and have already develop an enjoyment of singing. No boy is turned away!

The choir rehearses once a week on Thursdays. The boys perform for the school during assembly; at the Prize-Giving ceremony and at various concerts throughout the year.

Intermediate Choir:

Intermediate choir is a new addition to our choir programme which caters specifically for our grade 4 and 5 boys. This allows the boys to transition from junior to the senior choir and performing challenging repertoire in two voices.

Senior Choir:

Our Senior Choir consists of 60 boys from Grades 6 – 7. Many of them have moved up from the Intermediate Choir (Grade 4-5) and already have developed a love of singing. We are fortunate in having a wide spectrum of voice-types so our choir enjoys the challenge of singing in three parts – for soprano, alto and tenor.

The choir participates in a number of concerts at school and also entertain all gathered for our annual prize-giving event.

We also have the benefit of being part of the Wynberg Campus of Schools where the choir is invited to join the Choir Festival each year, hosted by our brother school, Wynberg Boys High. This large event takes place in the City Hall.

The choir also takes part in the Wynberg Campus of Schools Carol Service. This is a beautiful ending to each year with the choirs from each school singing their chosen carol. The ceremony ends with the magnificent combined sound of about 250 voices from all four Wynberg school choirs singing in glorious harmony.

String Ensemble:

The String Ensemble which consists of about 16 boys from Grades 3 to 7 rehearses on Tuesday mornings before school. Our busy string programme allows the ensemble to include violins and cellos. Repertoire includes traditional string ensemble pieces as well as popular genres. The ensemble plays in all major concerts during the year and in collaborations with the other sister and brother schools of the Wynberg Campus.

Concert Band:

Concert Band is the Largest ensemble and consists of close to 50 boys from Grade 4 to 7. Rehearsals include sectionals on Tuesday mornings before school and a full rehearsal on Thursday mornings. Repertoire includes the usual standard concert band pieces along with some contemporary music. This ensemble is the busiest with performances and takes part in all school performances as well as the many collaborations with our sister and brother schools of the Wynberg Campus.

Jazz Band:

Jazz Band is a smaller ensemble of boys from Grade 4 to 7 nominated by their instrumental teachers. Rehearsals are Friday mornings before school. Repertoire includes Jazz standards, Latin, Funk and African jazz, the band also includes more contemporary music. Performances include internal concerts as well as public stages such as the Cape Town Big band Jazz Festival.

Rock Band:

Our Electric guitar and drum students are grouped into smaller ensembles and explore standard rock band repertoire as well as graded School of rock music.


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