The WBJS Drama Club was formed in 2016 by Ms W Fourie. The club is committed to create an environment where our boys are given the opportunity to express themselves, build their confidence and provide an outlet for their creativity.

By developing their emotional intelligence and verbal and non-verbal communication skills, our boys are well-rounded and prepared for life’s lessons.

Under the leadership of Ms. Wendy Fourie, our boys are exposed to all aspects of drama education.  Not only do they learn about improvisation, narration and role play, but also introduced to different genre. Participating in the annual Schools’ Shakespeare Festival is one of our highlights every year; not to forget our bi-yearly production. Grease was the word this year, displaying the dedication of our Drama Club boys, but also proof that we know how to have fun.

Outings to various theatres to experience different productions, ensure that our boys understand all aspects of a performance.

Our club is alive with enthusiasm and with more and more boys wanting to be part of a group of people who accept everyone the way they are; it is growing at a steady pace.