Admissions process 2022

Dates to remember

Admissions open 26 February 2021 

Admissions close 26 March 2021

Parents are advised by via the WCED online portal

Parents of successful applicants must respond to the school by 25 June 2021

PROCESS (Only from 26 February 2021 – NOT before)

Step 1

Step 2

  • Complete the Wynberg Boys’ Junior “Expression of Interest” Google form. Application forms will not be emailed out unless Steps 1 and 2 are completed. Click here to access the form.

Step 3

  • Completed application forms along with all supporting documents must be returned via e-mail to before the closing date as listed above. 

Step 4

  • Parents are advised via the WCED online portal by the date listed above. 

Step 5

  • Successful applicants must respond by the date listed above. WBJS will then communicate directly with parents.

Important points to remember:

  1. All parents  MUST make an application online via the WCED portal:  and rank the schools in order of preference.
  2. Wynberg Boys’ Junior School requires that you complete our Google “Expression of Interest” form (link)  and return it via email along with the required supporting documents, within 14 days of your online WCED application.
  3. Application forms are not downloadable and will be issued via email only once the WCED application as well as the Google “Expression of Interest” forms have been received
  4. Supporting documents required include, but are not limited to:
    • Learner’s UNABRIDGED birth certificate
    • Copies of BOTH parents’ ID
    • Copies of BOTH parents’ current residency permits if non-South African citizens
    • Proof of address (Municipal bill/Deed of Sale/Lease agreement) Bank statements are acceptable in special circumstances but please check with Admissions Department
    • Learner’s study permit if not a South African citizen
    • Copy of Clinic Card
    • Copy of last school report (If applicable)

ALL the above documents need to be current certified copies

  1. Late, illegible and incomplete applications will not be processed. NO emailed, faxed or posted applications will be processed unless the process detailed above is followed.
  2. Applications submitted after the due date above will be deemed a late application and will be considered only after all on-time applications have been processed.
  3. There will be no direct communication between WBJS and parents until parents have accepted online the successful status and their place at WBJS via email.
  4. If parents do not confirm acceptance by the due date above, the school may offer such places to learners who still need places. 
  5. Once parents have confirmed acceptance at WBJS, all other applications will fall away and parents may not change their choice at a later stage.
  6. Once WBJS receives the notification of the acceptance online, only then will the school communicate with the parents via email.
  7. Parents are strongly advised to apply to more than one school, to at least have another possible option if the school of their choice does not have a place.
  8. Parents who wish to appeal a declined application for whatsoever the reasons may be, need to make a formal written appeal via email at
  9. WBJS and its Governing Body has the right to reject applications if parents submit false/untrue information or fraudulent documents.
  10. WBJS encourages parents to apply to more than one school and to register at the WCED online portal as early as possible.
  11. For the full Admissions Policy click here.